FRP Bypass APK | How to bypass Google Factory Reaset Protection

Download FRP Bypass APK: With the upcoming Android phones, it is deemed necessary to login into your Google account in order to continue using your device with ease. Without attaching your Google account to your device it becomes nearly impossible to operate on your phone.

As this is an account, people do tend to forget the password, which causes problems later on. One such problem occurs when a person wants to bypass Google Factory Reset Protection or (FRP). Not knowing the password of your Google account will lead you into trouble, as you won’t be able to complete the remaining steps for a factory reset or might lose your mobile’s data.

We have brought together a step-by-step guide on how to bypass Google FRP (factory reset protection) so none of you ends up permanently losing your data. The following bypass methods can be applied to any device that has a Google account attached to it and has an Android version 5.1 or higher.

As developers have banned many other ways to bypass Google FRP, we have brought you two ways by which you can do it without facing any difficulties. It should be noted that the success of the bypass is dependent on the version of Android, lower the Android version higher are your chances of getting success.

What is Google Factory Reset Protection (FRP)?

Google introduced a security protocol named “Factory Reset Protection” or FRP. This security measure was included in all Android devices which had android version 5.0 or higher.

The main aim behind this protocol was to protect the information and data stored in your device, and prevent it from getting into the wrong hands. This security feature works in such a way; if a person were to format your device it would require you to enter the username and password of the Google account attached to the device.

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The thing to be noted is that you have no control over the activation of FRP, it will get automatically activate as soon as you add a Google account to your device.

The FRP feature has been introduced in all new and upcoming Android phones, companies like HTC, Samsung, Mi and many more, all have had the FRP implemented in their devices.

The only reason to use the FRP is either you are formatting your phone, or have bought a second-hand phone and want to remove all the data from the device so it is as good as new.

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Google’s FRP is not that hard to overcome if you follow all the right methods and right steps. Given the fact that Google is updating and tightening the security on the FRP it’s getting harder day by day to bypass it.

Just follow the steps below and you will be able to easily overcome this obstacle. There are two methods on how you can perform the bypass with success:

Download FRP Bypass APK 2018

There are many ways you can bypass Google FRP but these two are most easy and recommended one. First is, you have to download FRP Bypass apk and then with this APK you can trick Google and bypass factory reset protection. The other method is quite complicated but yes it works. You can use any of the following methods but we recommend you to avoid the hassle and use the FRP Bypass APK.

App Information:

App FRP Bypass Apk
File Size 1.2 MB
File Type Application
File Extension Apk
Downloads 110475+
Purpose Bypass FRP
Root Needed No


Download FRP Bypass APK

FRP Bypass with OTG:

  • The first step is to download FRP Bypass APK in your computer and then store it in a USB
  • The via the OTG cable, transfer the APK from your USB to your device
  • On the device which is causing problems, and go to file manager.
  • Once there, Install the APK file

  • While installing the APK file, your phone will block the installation as it is a download from an Unknown source.
  • For this go to settings, enable downloading from an unknown source
  • Go to settings, and then click on Backup & Reset
  • Tap on “Factory Reset/Reset Data”. All the data in your phone will be erased.
  • After this, your device will reboot normally

FRP Bypass without an OTG cable

  • Turn on your device and follow the step, “Setup Wizard” asks you to do.
  • After a few steps, the FRP window will show up, click on settings. (You will find the option of ‘settings’ on your keyboard.)
  • Tap on the menu button, and then tap on ‘Help & Feedback’.
  • Then type anything random in the search bar. Select the text, click on the ‘share’ option.
  • Click on ‘Messaging’, then ‘New Message’. You will see a vacant space beside ‘To’, type any random number there.
  • You will then have too long press the text, then click on the ‘contacts’ icon.
  • After that, you need to click on the call option, then ‘new call’ as soon as they keypad opens type in the following: *#*#4636#*#*
  • After doing this, tap on the ‘Usage Statistics’, tap on the back arrow. It will take you the settings menu.
  • Then search the menu for ‘Backup & Reset’.
  • After that tap on “Factory Reset/Reset Data”, follow the steps accordingly.
  • Your phone will then reboot, and start on its own.

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That is all folks, hope you found these methods useful. If in any case one of these methods don’t work try the other one, it might work. We don’t guarantee complete success as Google is working to stop this bypass process, making it harder to bypass on the newly released phones.

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**NOTE: This article was written in good faith, and does not mean to give anyone the wrong idea. This article is purely for knowledge.