iTube For iPhone / iPad, Download iTube App for Apple iPhone (iOS)

iTube For iOS (iPhone/iPad) is the most desired application for YouTube Playlist handling and download music from YouTube. iTube App keeps eliminated this software a long time ago, and it’s far now to be had as one of the most available applications for iOS users. iTube for iPhone application is completely secure and trustable, you can download this application form below buttons and can also check to install options. In this, I can get you through the procedure of downloading PlayTube (iTube former call) for iOS devices including iPhone & iPad manually.

itube, itube apk, itube ios, itube for iphone, iphone, apple iphone, So, without wasting time, I’m able to help you recognize approximately what is iTube for iOS utility and the way to use it on your device without cost? This utility has a search option in which you may search for a specific video (as you do it on Google or YouTube), then the YouTube consequences will seem on the display screen to save it as MP3 Cache document. iTube for iOS (iPhone)

Download iTube for iPhone *Best Youtube Downloader*

As I was talking about iTube, I ought to first let you know about its capabilities and then talk approximately its set up technique to iOS smartphones.

Latest update (December): look for “participant GR or player IL” on App store or go to this link and install the App. The developer has modified the call iMusic to participant IL to player GR.

iTube application is officially no longer to be in the Apple app store, you want to get it with my approach I’m going to talk about its pleasant alternatives to meet your dreams.

  • download Vshare from

vshare download for ios.

  • After its downloading has carried out, now open the Vshare app.
  • In the search bar, look for “Playtube.”

search for iTube (Playtube) on Vshare

  • enjoy loose Cache song from the iTube app to your iOS gadgets enjoying iTube song cache on iOS tool.

Other methods to install iTube app in iPhone:

 Itube is not available for iOS devices officially. If you couldn’t install iTube on iOS with the above method, I’ve were given some beneficial records for you. that is the excellent alternatives for iTube. 

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Features Of iTube For iPhone:

  • It has cache mode which enables to save MP3 files to listen to them while WiFi isn’t always available.
  • A user can use the YouTube app inside the background also.
  • Your YouTube playlist could be your audio clips in HD 328kbps.
  • History tab is also beneficial which affords the data of cached videos on iMusic/iTube.
  • In itube app, playlists arrange the top 100, distinctive genres, age group, and music style as a list.
  • Favourites tab is useful when you are addicted to particular songs of your desire.
  • Working live television Channels
  • HD Video Downloading
  • Recommended tv shows
  • Advanced download technology

Download & Install iTube For iPhone

As we recognize any iOS device don’t permit to install any third party app by default so that you want to make some changes in order to install third party app like iTube iOS 10.

To allow third-party apps set up go to Settings of your iPhone and then open security alternative after which click on enable Unknown assets.

once you have enabled Unknown assets to your iPhone then your iOS tool is ready to get iTube pro download link.

Now you could download the latest model of iTube App For iPhone from the above-given download Button and installation it for your tool.

After you have got download iTube iOS Apk, its time to install this file, for which you want to move over to the downloaded file in tap on the file then click on install.

once the setup process is completed then open the app from the menu of your iPhone.

Now you’re equipped to apply iTube download iPhone app and enjoy your favoured track and motion pictures.

If you are an Android User, we recommend you to visit our homepage and download itube android apk from there.

iTube Android APK  iTube Studio   iTube for Windows PC

So now you may download iTube for iPhone unfastened and revel in the quality YouTube alternative for your iPhone. If you have a query regarding installing and downloading iTube for iPhone application, you can leave your comments below. We will try to sort it ours as soon as possible.

Lucky Patcher Latest Apk Download For Android v7.3.4

Download Lucky Patcher APK Latest version: Android OS is known for its customization and the freedom that it provides to its users. Unlike iOS, Android is pretty customizable. But, there are instances where the user feels the need for even more modification and customization. For solving such purposes, Lucky Patcher for Android must be installed in the device.

Lucky patcher is an android application that lets you enjoy some additional features of an app as well as modify it as per your wish. Be it the in-app purchases or be it the annoying ads, lucky patcher is the one-stop solution for all such problems.

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Lucky Patcher for Android: Features

There are a number of amazing features that this app provides a user with. Here are some of them:-

  • Converts installed apps into system apps

This is a very useful feature that lets you protect various apps on your device. With his feature, you can convert any of the apps on your device into the system or pre-installed apps. When the app gets converted into a system app, you cannot uninstall it. This can be a great way to protect the app lock and prevent people from uninstalling it.

  • Move apps to SD card

The apps that we install from the app store gets installed in our device storage. At times, the internal storage isn’t sufficient for the app or game to be installed. If you have an SD card in your device and want to move the installed apps directly to it, you can do so as well. Lucky patcher lets you move all the data, obb and apk of an app from device storage to SD card. Hence, you can solve the low storage issue through this feature.

  • Remove Ads

Ads are often very annoying. They can pop up while you’re playing a game or use a game. Ads make it very difficult to focus on the main task of the app. Lucky patcher lets you remove all such annoying ads. So next time you’re irritated by any unnecessary popup ads, you can use lucky patcher and get rid of them.

  • In-App purchases for free

A lot of apps require certain in-app purchases in order to unlock some levels or a few exciting features. Most of us don’t want to pay for them for sure and are looking for an alternate way. With lucky patcher, you won’t have to pay for any such in-app purchases and can still enjoy all the additional features and levels. You can also upgrade any app to its premium version for completely free with the lucky patcher.

  • License verification removal

There are plenty of apps and websites that let you download paid apps for free. But, the drawback of such apps and websites is that you won’t be able to run the apps and will face the license issue. With lucky patcher, you can solve the license verification issue and run the paid app for free without facing any error.

  • Backup and restore apps

You can take backup of all the important apps. The backup file gets saved into the storage of your phone. You can later save the backup file to your PC or cloud. For taking the backup of any app, just select the “take the backup” option. Later, when you want to restore the data, you can select the “restore backup” option and restore all the data.

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Download Lucky Patcher APK for Android – Latest Lucky Patcher APK

To download latest lucky patcher apk in your android device, you’ll have to download its apk from a below-mentioned button and later install it in your phone.

Lucky Patcher APK information:

Name Lucky Patcher
Latest Version 7.3.4
Latest Released 12 July 2018
Size 4.63 MB
Developer Chelpus
Official Site
Total Downloads 500 million+
Rating 4.7/5
Requirement Android 2.3+

Download Lucky Patcher APK

If you’re still not sure how you can do it, here’s a step-by-step tutorial to download lucky patcher apk for android:-

  • Download the Lucky Patcher APK from about button.
  • If you have already checked the “unknown sources”, you’re good to go. But, if you haven’t, you’ll have to click on settings and check the “unknown sources” option.
  • Now, click on “install”. The installation will begin. Wait until it finishes.
  • Once the installation has finished, click on “open” if you want to launch the app right away or click on “done” if you want to launch it later.

So this was how you can download and install lucky patcher for android. No matter what website or source you download the apk from, you’ll have to follow the same procedure for all.

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Lucky Patcher, apk, android, download, install, features, Make sure that the site you’re downloading from is free from all the viruses and threats. Also, turn on the “unknown sources” before you begin the installation. However, you can turn it on during the installation procedure as well.

The lucky patcher for Android is a one-stop solution for modifications and customizations of android apps. You can remove ads, covertly installed apps into pre-installed or system apps, take backup and restore the data of apps, solve the license verification issue and get rid of all the in-app purchases and still use the premium or locked features and levels for free. You can download lucky patcher apk easily with the above-given method.

Download Minecraft: Pocket Edition Beta Mod APK (unlocked)

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition Beta APK: While you are sitting at home sipping your coffee and feeling relaxed with your legs spread over your couch, do you ever feel that you have it too easy? Or maybe you’re just bored and want to try something different?

Minecraft Pocket Edition Beta, minecraft, apk, download, install, pocket edition, minecraft beta apk

One of the most common things to do is gaming, like imagining yourself on a battlefield or in the wild. That adrenaline rush, the excitement and all your concentration towards at a screen, that’s something that is just awesome.

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Well, one such game that is full of adventure and is a multi-player game is Minecraft. With a huge map for you to explore and many skills to develop, this game is addicting and provides you with a one of a kind gaming experience. There are many movies & TV shows that will show you how it is to live in the wild but to play a game that will give you a proper understanding is amazing. So let us begin to understand this virtual journey and how to get in on it.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Beta APK (MOD, Unlocked) – Its one of the popular game in which you can play as a small builder and have to survive in very harsh circumstances. You can create weapons and armours which will help you in order to kill zombies. You have to produce valuable resources in order to survive the gameplay.

About the Game: Minecraft Pocket Edition Beta

minecraft, game, android, apk, pocket edition beta, minecraft pocket edition, Minecraft is one of the oldest online multi-player games. It was a benchmark for the gaming world due to its innovative concept. The game is also called a sandbox video game, due to its graphic design. The whole game comprises of a block-based design, which is spread out throughout the game. Anything inside the game is made on the basis of a box design, meaning the players, trees, rocks, houses, mountains, etc are all made by small boxes. Consider this poor graphics or just a custom design, which is up to you.

But it should be kept in mind that this is one of the most long-running games, and when it was released all was not that advance. This game was basically released with an aim that it would only be played only on PC. But since it gained such popularity and became one of the top games to be played by gamers. Another version of this game was released, it was called Minecraft: Pocket Edition Beta.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Beta, is just the name for the mobile version of the game. That’s they added the word ‘pocket’ for. This pocket edition was launched specifically for Xperia PLAY on Google play, it was then released for Android and iOS in 2011.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Beta Gameplay:

The Minecraft pocket edition beta provides a multiplayer cross-platform that is compatible and accessible by all those users whose devices are capable of running the game. The game is based on the concept of survival and skill development. You get to portray a worker who is made to work to survive in the harsh wilderness. The worker is capable of using blocks to build a shelter for protection against dark nights, you can use these blocks to make equipment that will act as weapons. Weapons are needed to fight off bloodthirsty zombies.

You can even create mines, go hunting, you basically just have to anything you can I order to survive in that harsh world.

Some features of the game are given below:

  • Along with the building of weapons, there is a great amount of scope for customizing weapons. You can create one of a kind weapon, which can cause explosions, cause damage, and overall just help you protect yourself. The game does have rockets and bombs that come really handy.
  • If you remember back in the days when kids used to play, they used to play a lot with building blocks. Now consider you have been provided infinite building blocks and can make anything out of them, what would do you do? This virtual platform has the same concept, where players are given infinite blocks and they can use their imagination to make anything out of it.
  • Even though Minecraft pocket edition beta is a multiplayer game, players can play this game while offline or without internet (in this mode you will be playing by yourself). This step was taken up by the makers because they did not want to ruin the gaming experience.
  • To make the gaming experience one of a kind, you can have fun with your friends. When you go to the multiplayer mode you can call upon your friends and play with them.
  • As the name Minecraft suggests, mining is one of the most main activities in the game. Players can mine for emerald, iron, gold etc. These materials play an important role in the making of equipment.
  • You can even implement other skills like crafting and smelting. Crafting will help a player create more tools or equipment that can be stored in their inventory and be used later on. Smelting, on the other hand, would require a furnace and some fuel, but in turn, helps make useful products. The process requires you putting enough amounts of ores inside the furnace in order to smelt something.
  • Brewing and Enchanting are two more skills that you can use. Brewing refers to the making of potions with the help of certain ingredients and water. These potions are then stored in glass containers and are used by the player for his/her benefit. Enchanting is sort of like magic, where you enchant armour, materials etc for their up gradation.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Beta, minecraft, download, apk, android apk, install, minecraft apk,

This is all you need to know about the game, the rest you will get to know when you play it and live that adrenaline filled gaming experience. So we are here to help you and provide you with the procedure you need to follow in order to Download Minecraft: Pocket Edition Beta Mod APK.

Before we start you should be aware of the following:

  • APP Name: Minecraft Pocket Edition Beta
  • Version:
  • File Size: Differs for different devices
  • Operating System: Android 4.2 and higher
  • Developer: Mojang
  • Downloads: 500k-1m download

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition Beta APK


  1. Requires Memory(Ram): 1 GB
  2. Requires Cpu: 1.0 GHz +
  3. Android 2.3 [Ginger Bread]
  4. Android 3.0/3.1/3.2 [Honey Comb]
  5. Android 4.0 Ice [cream Sandwich]
  6. Android 4.1 [Jelly Bean]
  7. Android 4.4 [Kitkat]
  8. Android 5.0 [Lollipop]
  9. Android 6.0 [Marshmallow]
  10. Tested Devices: Samsung S5, S6, S7 and Samsung Note 4, Note 5

How to install Minecraft Pocket Edition Beta APK:

  1. Click on the download link mention above.
  2. You will see a page asking for permission, click on yes
  3. It will start downloading, after which it will take you to an installation page
  4. You then have to click on install, and it will be installed in your device.

What’s in the update?

BETA and FINAL versions of Minecraft Pocket Edition are now available for download. Both versions and update information are as follows:

BETA: Minecraft APK  – It is the latest version, but there may be some problems because it is beta. In this version, the problems of the head and body appearance of the game characters have been corrected.

FINAL: Minecraft PE APK  version includes a large underwater update. Turtles, underwater zombies, salmon and codfish, and many more. The most important innovation, however, is that the underwater channel can now be constructed. By building your own underwater world you can enjoy Android Minecraft.

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Frequently asked questions about Minecraft Pocket Edition Beta

1. APK file of Minecraft is free or paid?

A : The apk file of the game provided on our site is completely free to download and play. You can get paid version from Minecraft official website.

2. How to activate Minecraft pocket edition after download?

A : There is no activation is required because the apk file is pre-activated.

3. Is the game shared on site is secure to install?

A : Yes, it fully protected and malware free. You can download and install it without any doubt in mind.

4. How to install the game on an android device?

A : Installation tutorial is shared on above so read it and install on your android device.

5. Can I play the game online? Will it block or ban my account?

A : Yes, you can play the game online without any problem. Your account will not ban because we have shared anti ban version of the game.

6. Is online multiplayer mode is available in this version?

A : Yes, online multiplayer mode with the cross-platform play is available in this version.

7. How to connect Minecraft with google play games?

A : Simply open the game and enter your account details like you do in other games. There is nothing extra configuration is required. 

If in any case, your device does not accept the download file that means your devices does not entertain third-party apps. To change this, go to settings and enable downloads from unknown sources.

Well, we hope this was helpful for you, keep on gaming.